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  • Английский язык ДВГУПС 2014 Савельева, Сологуб — 1 вариант (Кр №1)

    Вариант 1

    Задание 1. Перепишите и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на употребление прилагательных в сравнительной и превосходной степенях. Подчеркните прилагательные в английских предложениях и укажите степень сравнения.

    1. Railway transport is one of the cheapest ways of carrying freight over long distances.
    2. The continuous welded rails provide a smoother movement of trains at higher speeds.
    3. If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible the best way is to travel by air.


    Задание 2. Перепишите и переведите предложения, употребив прилагательные, данные в скобках, в сравнительной или превосходной степени.

    1. The double-track railways are (convenient) than the single track railways if the traffic on these lines is very heavy.
    2. At the conference the engineers discussed (recent) developments in the field of electronics.
    3. The bridge crosses the river at its (narrow) point.


    Задание 3. Перепишите и переведите предложения. Определите форму (Present, Past, Future) и функцию (основной, вспомогательный, модальный) глаголов  TO BE и  TO HAVE. Подчеркните эти глаголы в английском варианте.

    1. Railways are to be completely automated to increase high-speed transportation.
    2. A lot of changes are taking place in modern science and technology.
    3. Mobile cranes have a great lifting capacity.
    4. The old hump yard (сортировочная станция) had to be modernized.
    5. Computеrs are used to automate the train movement.


    Задание 4. Перепишите и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на употребление времён группы Indefinite (Simple) (Present, Past, Future) в действительном и страдательном залоге. Выпишите сказуемые и укажите их видовременную форму и залог.

    1. This train will reach its destination without any stops.
    2. New plastic and synthetic materials are widely used for the interior and exterior finishes (отделка) of the cars.
    3. We were informed of our train delay.


    Задание 5. Перепишите и переведите текст.


    Richard Trevithick


    Richard Trevithick was a British inventor and mining engineer. He was born in the heart of one of the richest mining areas of Cornwall. He was the only boy in the family of six children. At school he concentrated more on sport than schoolwork.

    Trevithick first went to work at the age of 19. He was enthusiastic and quickly gained the status as a consultant, unusual for such a young person. As his experience grow, he realized that improvements in boiler technology permitted the safe production of high pressure steam, which could move a piston in a steam engine. He was an early pioneer of steam powered road and rail transport. He built the first working railway steam locomotive in 1801 and named it “Puffing Devil”. He successfully demonstrated this locomotive on Christmas Eve that year. This is widely recognized as the first demonstration of transportation powered by steam.

    Turning his interest abroad, Trevithick also worked as a mining consultant in Peru and Costa Rica. Throughout his professional career, he went through many ups and downs and even faced the financial ruin. He also suffered from the strong rivalry of many mining and steam engineers of that time. During the prime of his career, he was a well-respected and known figure in mining and engineering, but near the end of his life he fell out of the public eye.

    R.Trevithick died on 22 April 1833 and was buried in Dartford. There is a plaque situated in Abercynon.  It says “In commemoration of the achievements of Richard Trevithick who constructed the first steam locomotive”.


    Задание 6. Укажите, какие из следующих утверждений соответствуют содержанию текста. Используйте фразы: It is right. It is wrong. Исправьте неверные утверждения.

    1. Trevithick was a Russiam inventor and mining engineer.
    2. Trevithick first went to work at the age of 15.
    3. He was a pioneer of electric powered road.
    4. He built the first working railway steam locomotive in 1801.

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    Артикул: RW1200145035

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